Family Dispute Resolution


FDR is a way of resolving parenting disputes without going to court. FDR accredited practitioners support separated parents to develop a business - like co-parenting relationship and workable parenting plans that will meet the current and future needs of their children.


s60I certificates can be issued where Family Dispute Resolution is assessed as not appropriate.



Child Inclusive Practice 


Child Inclusive Practice assists parents to actively consider each child’s unique needs and experience of the family separation during the FDR process.


Parents meet separately with a trained child consultant prior to the children’s session.


The child consultant then meets with the children to explore their experience, worries and hopes for the future. This is done by using age and developmentally appropriate activities such as drawing, talking, playing, reading and storytelling, 


The feedback to parents from the children’s session is used as a guide and reference throughout the FDR Process.

Children are never asked to make decisions about parenting arrangements.

Child Inclusive practice is suitable for families with children aged 5 years and above.


Child Inclusive Counselling 

Child Inclusive Counselling helps parents to manage the challenges of co-parenting following separation and supports children’s adjustment to the changed family environment.

Child inclusive counselling is provided by trained and experienced Family Counsellors. 

Parents meet separately with the counsellor prior to the children’s session. Following the children’s session, the counsellor will meet with both parents together or separately to explore strategies to strengthen the co -parenting relationship and support the children’s adjustment and emotional wellbeing.

Children benefit from feeling heard and understood and report feeling lighter after the counselling sessions. Parents say they feel better equipped and more confident  to co-parent and more hopeful about the future.

Child Inclusive Counselling is suitable for families with children aged 5 years and above.

Relationship Counselling 

Relationship counselling provides a safe space to reflect on and examine issues that impact relationships, wellbeing and quality of life.

Professional Supervision


Professional Supervision is a respectful and collaborative process that supports practitioners to engage in critical reflection of their work in a safe and supportive environment.


Professional supervision provides opportunities for ongoing professional development and self- care.